Kids can repeat

Kids can repeat Game course After learning of a course of game it is possible to give classes in group.

Kids can repeat movements of the adult independently on display or on memories.

This finger wants to sleep, we bend a little finger This finger laid down in a bed, we bend a ring finger This nearby took a nap, we bend a middle finger This finger fell asleep, we bend a forefinger And another sleeps very long ago.

we bend a thumb Who at us still rustles we threaten with a finger of other hand More silently, more silently, do not rustle, Fingers do not wake! Such game can be carried out before going to bed.

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But we, first

But we, first All the others too need education.

But we, first of all, speak about children.

percent of the population of the globe mean, let us assume, need education are the children, different age till years.

More than billion – children turns out.

if to consider, what on each five children one tutor, predstavlyaethose is necessary, how many they are required! About three hundred million tutors.

Also it is the specialty needing good preparation, in correct lyu which need to be selected.

We say about unemployment, what we have no place to put superfluous naseleearth scientific research institute Reform all this population, make consumption of times clever – without a surplus in one place and hunger in other.

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Yurochka, on legs

Yurochka, on legs Time, two, three, four, five, Yurochka goes for a walk.

Yurochka, on legs Put on boots.

Not God knows, but it is tolerant.

And the main thing the hero of your creativity your son or daughter.

Yura very much loves verses, in particular if speech in them goes about him, and, being not mentioned, shows big displeasure.

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Again receive

Again receiveIf they lose forces, can enter into such depression and to be so diffused and confused that at them does not remain neither interest, nor energy to solve problems.

Again receive interest to life the pinkblue can by means of someone who with humour will remind them of absurdity of life.

HealthAt pinkblue there are no weak places which would cause in them problems though their chaotic lifestyle and an unusual diet can affect their physical health eventually.

Lack of a dream because all nights are spent on parties, or at three o'clock after midnight the stress or shock, eventually can cause dinner digestion in themburning them.

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And to these

And to these They start on kind to concern the rests because it is their duty.

And the others perceive it as norms of new behavior.

No matter, that for it receive money, and it is important that they a habit prevra in the second nature.

And to these cause on itself benevolent vozdeya nature stviye – after all they become similar to it.

We start to investigate only today influence on the nature of ours the cape pour also desires.

It is surprisin as animals and even plants perceive to and start to treat us kindly.

And people are more sensitive, than flowers and animals.

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